The Most Practical Way to Drink Alkalizing Lemon Water At Work

So you have been trying to find a way to drink freshly squeezed lemon water during the day at work, but you are intimidated by the possibility of making a mess, or having to haul everything but the kitchen sink with you. Drinking lemon water is a great way to keep your body’s acid/alkaline balance, so let us show you how to do just that without the mess and any useless gear.


What You Will Need

  • 1 fairly large lemon

  • 1 glass water bottle

  • and 1 sheet of paper towel

The best way to do this is to cut up the lemon into 4 equal sized wedges. Make sure you cut once lengthwise and once across. This way you will have nice squeezable wedges which will funnel the juice towards the tip making it less likely that lemon drippings will end up on your reports.

Picking the Right Bottle

In case you don't have a glass water bottle, make sure you get one next time you go shopping. We wrote an article highlighting Why Your Next Water Bottle Should Be Made From Glass, check it out if you are still on the fence. I'm using one of our Meshbottles because with its 16 oz. capacity it's not too big, and if I refill it 4 times during the day using 1 of the 4 lemon wedges each time I will be ensuring that I drink 64 oz. of lemon water, which is very close to my RDA for water. The bottle also features a glass cap, very cool, so no plastic will come into contact with my (fairly acidic) lemon water. If you scroll down you can check out some of our featured Meshbottles, and if you join the Meshbottles community we will send you a 15% OFF coupon so you can try out what it's like to drink from a plastic-free bottle. We have 8 amazing colors to choose from!!

Use Paper Towel!

But let's get back on topic. Once the lemon is cut up put the wedges back together and wrap the whole lemon in a sheet of paper towel. This will do 2 things: (1) It will prevent your lemon from drying out, and (2) the paper towel will do a great job at absorbing juice that may have escaped, but don't worry, your lemon will not bleed much. Using a paper towel is also a heck of a lot better than plastic wrap, especially with acidic fruits: Plastics have a tendency to release chemicals when they interact with acidic liquids. Not to mention that your little piece of paper towel will bio-degrade, whereas cling wrap will be passed down to roughly a hundred generations. And if the lemon does drip on your invoices you will know what to do... (paper towel!!!)

Drink More Water.. Naturally

There is one other added benefit of drinking lemon water in addition to its alkalizing property: It simply tastes great, so you will find that adding lemon to your plain water will make it easier to drink more each day to keep yourself properly hydrated. You will also be saving money. Many grocery stores run deals on lemons where you can get 2 for a $1 which is a lot cheaper than those $3 - $4 water enhancers with dubious additives and preservatives (corn syrup solids, Aspartame just to name a few). They also won't last more than a day or two. That's $100 a month just to consume enough water. Do the math, is it worth it?

Stay Hydrated Plastic-free

Thanks for checking in. We recently launched the world’s first truly plastic-free glass water bottle made from only two materials: glass and food safe silicone. Our bottles provide a great alternative to those who are trying to move away from plastics and plastic chemicals. Check out our featured bottles below.