New Mexico Magazine | May 2018 | Page 26

New Mexico Magazine | May 2018 | Page 26

New Mexico Magazine, May 2018

Meshbottles are recommended for outdoor adventures by New Mexico Magazine.

Launched in 1923, New Mexico Magazine is the first state magazine founded in the United States. Exploring topics in travel, culture, cuisine, and lifestyle each month the magazine showcases a selection of local products for visitors and residents alike.

May is perfect for outdoor adventures. With a Meshbottle hikers can ensure they stay hydrated plastic-free while on the trail. Our bottles are reusable helping you stay away from single-use plastics and keep New Mexico beautiful!

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GearJunkie, May 2017

The Meshbottle got featured on GearJunkie in May 2017.

Glass Travel Mug

"Use this water bottle if you’re worried about the health effects of plastics or metals. We haven’t seen many travel mugs made of glass, for obvious reasons. But Meshbottles addresses health concerns with these made-in-the-USA milk bottles, and non-plastic mesh sleeves and caps. The brand claims its 16-oz., $25 bottles are durable and long-lasting."

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Image courtesy of GearJunkie

Image courtesy of GearJunkie

Image courtesy of Startup Compete

Image courtesy of Startup Compete

Think Beyond Plastic 2016

Meshbottles was named one of the finalists in this year's Think Beyond Plastic innovation competition.

What is Think Beyond Plastic?

Plastic pollution is changing the planet in a way that jeopardizes human security and well-being. The plastic pollution trend we are contributing to differs alarmingly from any other pollution trends. It is driven by the unintended uses of a material that is long-lasting, toxic and intentionally cheap. The effects of plastic pollution are being felt across the globe – in our oceans, our rivers, our air and the food chain. Plastic pollution can be found in almost every one of us. 

We no longer have the luxury of treating plastic pollution as a future problem that can be mitigated by end-of-life actions. It is urgent and massive. It is here now.

We are looking for disruptive innovation in materials, manufacturing, product design or recycling that measurably reduce plastic pollution and its global economic, environmental and public health impacts.