Recently, there has been a great deal of controversy around plastics. Research has shown that newly introduced, BPA-free plastics may be just as harmful as their predecessors. The market is abundant with stylish glass bottles, but very few offer a complete solution: caps, lids, and straws are often made from plastics. We believe this defeats the purpose of having a glass beverage bottle. The Meshbottle is our patent pending solution to this design challenge.

What is the difference between silicone and plastics? Head over to our FAQ for lots of useful information, or check out Fascinating Silicone, a site put together by Dow Corning.

Source Link: Is Any Plastic Safe?



  • 99.9% glass interior (tiny portion of a food safe silicone gasket accounts for remaining surface area)
  • 100% plastic-free (no BPA, PET, Polypropylene, Phthalates) all components are made from either food grade silicone or glass
  • Silicone Cap turns inside-out for easy cleaning
  • Glass Cap disassembles in seconds for a quick rinse
  • Non-threaded, twist-free construction
  • Both caps are dishwasher-safe



Meshbottles are built from genuine glass milk bottles. These bottles do not have threads, which made it possible to design our caps in a way that they snap onto the bottle without the need for excessive twisting. Just pop it off and you are ready to enjoy your beverage.