Meshbottle with Silicone Top - Olive Green - 32 oz


Meshbottle with Silicone Top - Olive Green - 32 oz


Model Nr.: MB105OGN ǀ UPC: 760412714345

This bottle allows the beverage to be stored in a plastic-free environment and is a champion when it comes to cleaning. The cap can turn inside out, making it amazingly easy to get rid of residue (see video below). Silicone is inert and water repellent, which helps prevent the cap from becoming moldy. The cap has a non-threaded, twist-free construction.


  • Silicone cap design prevents beverage from contact with common plastics.

  • Mesh cozy features 360-degree, full body, interlocking pattern for increased elasticity and easy removal for cleaning.

  • Silicone handle snaps back to horizontal position when not in use.

  • Glass bottle made in USA.

  • Compatible with cup holders equal or larger than 4.1" in diameter. Check measurements: This bottle might be too wide for your standard cup holder!


  • Capacity: 32 fl. oz.

  • Weight (empty): 21.2 oz.

  • Dimensions: 3.45" x 3.45" x 9.13"

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