Fed Up with Plastic? You Need to See This...


Remember this image from the summer? The little seahorse hauling a Q-tip? It swept through social media, instantly becoming an emblematic image of the plastic waste suffocating our oceans. We must limit our use of single-use plastics, however finding products that don't rely on some form of plastic can be challenging.

While Q-tips are bad, by far the biggest offenders are plastic bottles. According to this article by the Guardian a million plastic bottles are sold throughout the world every single minute. If we stay the course, by 2021 we will be facing an environmental crisis some predict will be as serious as climate change. If you have been wondering how you could be part of the solution, we are here to show you something very cool!!

Enter the Meshbottle.


Orange Juice

Without the Plastic

The Meshbottle immediately presents two features that will help you preserve the environment AND your health:

  1. It's reusable, so you won't be throwing away plastic bottles every time you want to quench your thirst.

  2. All parts are made from either glass or quality silicone so you can ensure that no plastic or harmful chemicals will enter your body. More about safety here.

Let's rephrase that second one: IT'S PLASTIC-FREE. Ever found yourself saying "Well, I like this glass water bottle, but I wish they hadn't made the cap from plastic". We couldn't agree with you more! We spent years perfecting a solution that will let you keep your beverages away from plastics. Gone are the days when your water smelled like Harbor Freight


And there is more.. See how the cap comes apart? It will help you keep your bottle clean like never before. It's super easy to get to areas that are normally difficult to reach. And since the caps are made from silicone, they turn inside out to make it even easier to keep your bottle clean.

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