Meshbottles Debuts on Zulily


Meshbottles' Zulily Debut is 9/16 (6:00 am) through 9/19 (6:00 am)

If you've been on the market for a Meshbottle, now is the time! We have partnered with Zulily for a 3-day, one-of-a-kind campaign where you can get your bottle for up to 30% off. This kind of discount doesn't come along very often so hurry over to our Zulily homepage to pick up your favorite color.

Here is the link:

Note that you need to be a registered Zulily user in order to look at deals.

About Zulily: With new sales starting every morning, you never know what you’ll find at zulily. It’s all about the thrill of seeing what’s new. You’ll discover unique brands and products—the things that help you express your personal style. And you’ll save, too, with prices up to 70% off every day.

See you on Zulily!!

The Meshbottles Team